Nexus of Creativity | BLVDSLV

July 18, 2016

James Stanford transforms vintage neon to contemporary constellations through photomontage.

While Las Vegas is often only remembered for its casinos and an exoticized sense of intrigue if not infamy, there is so much more to this iconic place. An important American cultural inheritance includes not only a vibrant contemporary artistic community but, also, formal historic inspirations like the immensely popular vintage neon signage, and landmarks such as the canonical designs of Betty Willis’ Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and YESCO’s Vegas Vic. Other treasures include the Neon Museum’s collection of historic signage and the National Scenic Byway of Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip), one of only three urban byways in the country, filled with an endless array of artistic inspiration. The role of these neon signs is significant, and the genre serves as an internationally recognized resource for cultural and architectural historians, artists, illustrators, architects, industrial designers, textile, and interior designers among many others.

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